Purchase Endoscopes & Endoscopic Equipment

For customers in need of reliable rigid and flexible endoscopic equipment, we offer the highest quality, refurbished equipment. Each endoscope that comes through our doors goes through an inspection to ensure we only sell you the best. Instead of buying new, consider used equipment that functions at manufacturers standards and saves your hospital money. We carry all kinds of endoscopic equipment including gastroscopes, colonoscopes, duodenoscopes, bronchoscopes, arthroscopes, laproscopes, rigid scopes, video processors and light sources, and cameras and consoles.

Our Pre-Owned Equipment Process

Step 1: Purchase hundreds of used scopes every month.

Step 2: Inspect scopes using a 30 pt checklist that evaluates each part and its functions.

Step 3: Pick only the best scopes for refurbishment, bringing them back up to manufacturers specs. In so doing, making each scope excellent again.

*What happens to the endoscopes that don't pass inspection? They are not sold to you, because you want the best at a reasonable cost.

Closeup of a gastroscope
Closeup of a colonoscope