Our bronchoscopes provide high level output during all bronchoscopy procedures. The bronchoscope is used to examine the tracheobronchial tree. We want to make all of your procedures as successful as possible with scopes that work as expected. You can select the make and model of the bronchoscope you need or we can recommend the best scope for your procedures. Inquire today through the form or call us at 952-882-9922.

In addition to Olympus and Pentax models, we also carry Fujinon, Stryker and Storz brands.


  • BF-160
  • BF-P160
  • BF-1T160
  • BF-Q180
  • BF-P180
  • BF-1T130


  • EB-1570K
  • EB-1970K

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