Processors / Light Sources

Video processors enable the camera on the distal tip of the endoscope to be projects onto a video monitor allowing easier diagnosis and instruction to patients. The new models of video processors have HD capabilities to improve diagnosis. We also carry light sources, which provide high volume Xenon light for visibility inside the patient for a clearer picture. Light sources also have a built in pump for air feeding and water pumping for lens cleaning to ensure a clear picture throughout the procedure. Inquire with us today through the form or call us at 952-882-9922.

In addition to Olympus and Pentax models, we also carry Fujinon, Stryker and Storz brands.


  • CV-140/CLV-U40
  • CV-160/CLV-160
  • CV-180/CLV-180


  • EPK-700
  • EPK-1000
  • EPK-i

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