Repair Endoscopic Equipment

Repairing equipment can be a hard undertaking, balancing an equipment shortage while getting repairs done and coordinating shipment and timeline with manufacturers. We promise three things with equipment repairs:

  • Complete repair services with fast turnaround
  • You won't overspend on endoscope repairs
  • Peace of mind with repair warranties

Fast Turnaround on All Repairs

At Medical Recovery Company, we aim to complete minor equipment repairs within 24-48 hours. And more complex repairs can be completed in 72 hours. We know your equipment is only useful when in your clinic and in your hands.

Reasonable Repair Costs

Our expert technicians make the same complex and minor repairs on your equipment as the manufacturers but at the fraction of the cost. Equipment repairs are a small piece of the expenses associated with saving lives and preventing complications in your patients, and we want to help you keep the costs as reasonable as we can. To help you, we offer either 1 or 2 year service contracts or repair-as-you-go options.

Repair Warranties

You want the same guarantee on repairs as the manufacturer would offer. We trust our technicians that have over 20 years of experience to make the repairs necessary to keep your equipment operating smoothly every time, which is why we offer a full 6-month warranty on parts and labor. And to ease your mind, our technicians have experience with all of the major endoscopic equipment brands including Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon.

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